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    Pro-HD Port Curious

    billarnaiz Newbie

      Hi all,


      Thanks in advance for any guidance, this is a little strange..


      I've set my Pro-HD to static a IP and port 443. Works fine all is good. Internet viewing, Mobile viewing, Player viewing. All fantastic.


      This afternoon I try it again and the port has changed to 5118 seemingly by itself. Has there been an upgrade pushed out,


      will a reset, due to power/electrical cause this. I'm remote so I can't run the setup assistant till later tonight...


      Thanks again,





      Update: 6/19/11


      Well I think I found my problem, FIOS router related. On the ActionTec, even though "Remote Adminstration" is not enabled in the System Settings, the port for "Remote Adminstration" was set for 443. I've since changed it to 4430 and it has been fine. Not sure if it related to the last software push or not but it has been fine since, 3 or 4 days.


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