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    how to hook up slingbox hd when AV receive handles everything?


      Hello, i do not yet own a slingbox, i would like to purchase one, but, here is my issue


      I have a high end AV Receiver that handles all AV processing,


      Fios TV, the TV itself, Ps3, apple tv, and blue ray dvd player all are connected via HDMI -- so, my question is how can i hook up my slingbox so i can watch TV on my 27" imac (or remotely) without letting the slingbox do any processing


      so i basically dont want my fios / anyuthing going to the slingbox, and then slingbox to receiver


      i asked fios tech support and they said the box cant emit 2 signals at the same time, so i cant use HDMI and RWY at the same time


      any ideas?