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    iPad2 - video out to TV - doesn't show in SQ mode


      I just got an iPad2 and am running Slingplayer Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch (was previously running on those devices). It's fine as long as I switch to SQ mode, if I'm in HQ mode it buffers every 3 seconds or so. On SQ mode I am quite happy with it. I am living overseas and my slingbox is back in the US so I can probably never realistically expect to run HQ mode and not lag, despite fine internet connections on both ends.


      The problem I'm having is that if I hook up my Apple AV (Component) Cable to my TV, I am only getting Audio output to the TV when in SQ mode. In HQ Mode I get both video and audio, but have the buffer/lag issue as above.


      I guess before I go and buy the iPad app I want to make sure I won't have the same issue...if it works for this scenario I will gladly plunk down $30 but if it doesn't work I'm not touching it and the iPhone app is just fine for me.