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    Set up problem with location


      I bought SlingboxHD Pro last week at USA.

      But I'm living in Seoul, South Korea. In my home, I can receive ATSC, QAM, Analog signals with one coaxial cable.

      I tried to set these signals with Slingbox, but if I selected location to South Korea, I could receive only Analog signals.

      So, I selected L.A. USA, I could receive QAM, Analog signals.(no ATSC) But because of EPG, I could not add more Analog signals and could not receive ATSC signals.


      Is there any other ways to define channels manually? I'd like to receive ATSC, QAM and Analog signals provided by my one coaxial cable.

      Waiting your kind help.

      Thanks you.

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          Hi, Rick75


          I understand that you want to know if it is possible to add channels manually, since you are not able to get analog and digital channels at the same time.


          Unfortunately, it is not possible. The Slingbox PRO HD is working as it is intended to. There's no way to add channels manually or apply any workaround. As a last resource, you can try a detailed channel scan.