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    Internet viewing config issues with new SlingPlayer


      Even after manual setup I can't get internet viewing to work with my Slingbox Classic.  I moved it and reconfigured it on an older version of the player a few months ago - it worked just fine.  But, now I reinstalled my SlingPro and forgot it does not check if you have other Sling devices and overwrote the router config info so had to redo it again. I had to switch to the Windows Web App because SlingPlayer would not save my config settings if the "Test Internet Connected" failed - on both the classic and pro - plus it removed my router config ports using UPNP too. It took me some time to figure out why it was not saving the configuration using SlingPlayer on XP and Win7 PCs.  Using the Windows Web App was able to use the manual setup to configure the Classic, Pro and router - even thou the test internet was unsuccessful.  Internet viewing only works on my SlingPro. I've tried multiple ports and IPs on both the router and Classic - nothing seems to work.  I even swapped routers (same model, fw, etc.) and rebooted all units.  Guess my next step is to try a different router model. Note: all this hardware use to work together in the old house. Wish I had not updated to the new SlingPlayer.  Any suggestions?