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    Sling Media SlingLink Turbo 4-Port Powerline question


      I recently bought Slinglink Turbo 4 port and it came with a one port unit that I have actually used or attached to my wifes Mac Mini. I don't know if that 1 port unit can be bought as a separate purchase. It looks like the 4 port aparatus,, but smaller. Now that I like it so much,, I am confused as to actually what the actual piece of hardware I need to buy to be able to extend the use of my 4 port, because I see other types of bridges made by Sling Media that are add-ons( sorry,, I don't know another way to express it) that look like I can use, but look different than the smaller unit that came with my 4 port. I think retail of one I was looking at was around $65 and then another one that looks different than the one that came with my 4 port,, seems to indicate around $29..  Hopefully someone out there can indicate what the actual description of the piece I need for each component that I want to have bridged to my 4 port. Thanks,