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    Picture keeps freezing when watching slingbox PRO-HD


      If I turn it off then on again, it resolves the problem, but them 30 mins later it happens it again. It freezes for a few seconds the plays normally for a few seconds, the sound is normal throughout all of this. I have a slingbox solo that I used with the same router, but had no problems with that.

      Any ideas cheers Mark

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          Hi, zippymark


          I understand that you are having some issues sine the Slingbox PRO HD freezes up frequently. As the first step, we recommend you follow these recommendations.


          1. Check the network connections.


          Make sure that the physical connections from your Slingbox to your TV source are secure. To do this, disconnect then reconnect both ends of the cables between your Slingbox and your TV source.


          2. Double check the connections to your router.


          3. Check if your router is working under the latest firmware version.


          4. Power Cycle the Slingbox.


          Unplug the Slingbox Power Adapter, wait 5 seconds and then plug it back.


          5. If you are using the SlingLinks, check that the link light is on (both on the SlingLink connected to your Slingbox and the SlingLink connected to your router). If the link light is not on, the two plugs may be on different circuits in your home (not uncommon when you have done major remodeling) or there may be an issue with the SlingLinks themselves.


          Try plugging the SlingLinks into two outlets right near each other and see if this light comes on. If they don't come on, the SlingLinks could be malfunctioning. If the Link light does come on, then the solution is going to be trying different outlets until you find a pair that works for both your Slingbox and your router.


          6. If you are using a wireless bridge, verify that the wireless bridge is connected to your home wireless network. The documentation for your wireless bridge should have troubleshooting steps.


          Make sure to follow these recommendations and let us know how it works for you.



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            I have been streaming a Slingbox Pro HD from Seattle to Amsterdam on a regular basis for 11 months now. I have had many problems with the picture and sound freezing. It would freeze for about 8-10 seconds, every 10 minuets (or every 10 seconds some days), then start streaming again. It would stream at about 1500 kbps and work fine, then crash down to 0 and freeze. I have tried to resolve this with Sling support, the Seattle end, and Amsterdam, but nothing has worked. Until now. I started using Firefox (only for the Slingbox) instead of Internet Explorer about a week ago, and have not had one freeze up since. It now runs consistently at about 2800 kbps. I don’t know why this worked, and frankly I don’t care. All I know is that my Slingbox has been working flawlessly streaming from Seattle to Amsterdam for a week now, with no issues. I hope this helps somebody, because I know how happy it made me when I realized it was fixed.