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    Connection to Slingbox is intermittent


      I have 2 Slingboxes each connected to either husband's DirecTV or my DirecTV DVR both located on the same LAN in the US to which we connect to via slingcatcher or the internet and have been for over two years. We are located in Europe. Recently, husband's box ( on port 5001) could not be accessed by husband on either his Windows 7 64 or his Vista 32 machines yet he could connect to mine. However, I am able to view his using IE browser on my XP 64 and on the sling catcher, but when I try to run setup for remote viewing, his box cannot be found. I had a similar problem before with the 0x92340011 code when trying to access my slingbox. Once I enabled port forwarding in the Thomson RCA DCW725 Network Router, the matter resolved. Port forwarding is still enabled, but my husband's .254 box remains unpredictable.


      ScreenHunter_04 Jun. 12 07.56.gif

      Things already tried:


      1. Rebooting the home router then the sling and DirecTV boxes
      2. Pinging the boxes from home location with success
      3. Making sure all connections are securely in
      4. Rebooting router and computers at Europe location
      5. Switching browsers
      6. Clearing browser cache
      7. Logging in with different sling username


      Oddly, when my husband logs in using my sling account, he is able to see his DirecTV on his computers. Not always though. Firefox brings it up more often than IE for some reason.


      Is there something else I can try? If necessary I can run setup again by remotely connecting to the host. I'm not very technical and many terms like UDP, DHCP, bridges and tunnels are Greek to me. I can access the host router by VNC from my computer, but I don't really know what I'm doing. Screenshots of the router are here: http://screenshots.portforward.com/Thomson/DCW725/index.htm



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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Could your problem be related to failing power supplies on your Slingbox(es)?   I've seen a lot of posts on the Slingbox Help Forum about erratic behaviors in Slingboxes that were fully resolved when a new power supply was installed.

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              I thought about the power supply, but why am I able to view the box on my computers. It seems that all the Vista and Windows 7 computers cannot connect to it. Only my Windows 2000, XP 32 and XP64 PCs and sling catcher are able to connect to it as well as the computer located at the host's location.

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              So,,,, I ordered 2 power supplies for my Sling Box PRO HD from http://www.slingbox.com/go/buy-replacement-parts but I ordered the wrong ones. The power supply for the Sling Box Pro will not work. I quickly went back to cancel my order, then placed the correct one. The sling store was too fast and my original order was already processed. If you are ditzy like me, please be careful when ordering and read the full description. Replying to the notification-only email address will not get you anywhere because the address does not accept incoming mail. It's a good idea to read the notes in the email too so you won't spend hours typing back into a void. The tricky part is returning the freaking wrong package that you stupidly ordered with your bag of hair brain. If you are away from the delivery location, you must find someone that is able to make decisions on your behalf. Make sure they eat a wholesome breakfast, not too much though, and perhaps a can of V8. Once the FedEx delivery person arrives, recipient should take in some deep breaths to get oxygen to the dormant brain cells. Why not have them pull up a chair for the nice FedEx delivery person give them copies of the invoices and say "I want the package for the Sling Box Pro HD NOT the one for the Sling Box Pro. Please help me. I am mentally disabled." The FedEx man or woman may not be able to help with your 2nd request, but he or she is able to give you the correct package. FedEx people know their packages. They are good at stuff like that.


              I still don't know for sure if replacing the power supply will work. If it does, probably will, somebody get 20 points. Meanwhile, based on all the useless experiments with different operating systems and browsers, I've learned that my XP pro 64 is superior to Vista and Windows 7 when watching sling, sling boxes do not appreciate being repeatedly turned on and off, and that me being a female with better luck and the thing about changing the login is simply a coincidence. Maybe there is hope for me after all to learn and grow. Thank you so much for listening.