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    cannot view TV through internet


      Slingbox was activated 10-03-2009. Has worked continuosly without problems until 06-07-2009. Software version is 2.1.190 so should be up to date. checked all connections, and they are good. 2 redlights are steady red on front of the box. Disconnected the power plug for 3 minutes intially and tried to watch. slingbox connected big O light flickered on then went out when I tried to watch.


      Next tried to setup box again. Went to setup assistant could not get beyond locate the slingbox step. Yet when I looked at slingbox directory I could see that the setup was complete, the public and private IP addresses were displayed and the slingbox port was shown.


      Everything else about my desktopis working perfectly.


      What do I do now? what could the problem be?