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    Pro HD - good video, no audio


      I'm actually on my 4th replaced HD-Pro unit. The previous three couldn't network and I had to return them for replacements (since it's been well less than a year since the original purchase, I get that option). So I've gone through many setup steps by now. I finally got one HD Pro unit from the retailer that actually can be seen on my home network and internet.


      My setup is Comcast cable signal to Tivo Premier DVR to Slingbox HD Pro to TV, Ethernet...


      Video is streaming just fine via the Desktop Player or via "Watch" online, but there's no audio with either option. I've tried replacing the audio cables, restarting modem, router, computers and slingbox. I've muted and unmuted anything that could be.


      I do have another Slingbox (the Red one) on the same home network and it works just fine. It isn't hooked up to a Tivo; it's connected to a Comcast box.


      Does anyone know if there's a way to test to see if the problem is the Slingbox or if it's something else. After replacing so many units, I was so close to getting everything back to normal. *sigh*