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    Screen resolution problem




      I have recently upgraded my Vista MCE to Win7 MCE and have installed a blackgold HD Tuner and new ATI Saphire HD card, everythng there is working very well


      However I am having issues with getting a video signal to the Sling. I connect to my big TV via my receiver with an HDMI lead - windows runs at 1080p

      I connect the sling via DVI to component cable and I get NO SIGNAL detected from the component input. I have the display set to clone in the ATI software but still nothing, Am I using the correct cable - DVI to red Green Blue phonos into the component adaptor of the sling? The streaming raised to over 5Mb but still no picture?


      Also is there a way to update the monitor driver so that I can output to the sling at 1080p, at present the machine thinks there is a CRT monitor connected and I have to reduce the resolution of both screens down to around 1280 x 1024 which is no use for HD.


      Any help greatly appreciated.