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    Slingbox SOLO connect problems in Singapore


      I am in Singapore trying to access a Slingbox SOLO in Houston, Texas.  I have used this particular SOLO, my current computer and basic infrastructure (HP desktop running Internet Explorer 8) successfully for years, although this is the first time I have tried to access the Slingbox in several months. 


      The only known configuration difference between then and now may be that I have a now new version of Norton 360 antivirus software.


      I currently receive the following message when I attempt to log in to my Slingbox SOLO:


      Error: 0x92370001

      Context: 20

      Operation: 110


      "Slingplayer was not able to connect with the Slingbox, possibly because of a communications problem."


      I have tried rebooting the Slingbox and I have tried turning off the Norton 360 firewall.  Neither step has been successful.


      If anyone has any ideas before I call Slingbox support, I would be grateful.




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          callanish Apprentice

          A few schools of thought.


          Some have menioned that it means that the slingbox has lost its internet viewing settings requiring a hard reset of the unit forcing a setup from scratch. There are others that have solved the problem by doing a reboot of their router, modem and slingbox at the same time, not just the slingbox and yet some others have mentioned they have solved the issue with a new power supply ( thread below )




          You mentioned you've been using it for years. All signs could be pointing at a failing power supply unit requiring a replacement