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    Setup Assistant not finding my device after router reset


      Quick description of my environment:


      Have 2 Slingboxes,  AV and Pro HD.  D-link 655 router.  Macbook Pro.


      Both were working fine.  Power went out suddenly the other day and router went a bit nuts.  Did a factory reset.  All other devices on the network reacquired fine after I set up the router identical to before.


      Both Slingboxes had connectivity issues though.  So just to nip it in the bud, I factory reset both.


      AV showed up immediately in the Setup Assistant.  I went through and set this up without issue.


      Here's where it goes sideways:  Pro HD does NOT show up in the list box which shows the devices found on the network.  I look at the front and the network light is solid, so I assume it has acquired an IP (I did not yet validate this with the router status/log).  If that's the case, why would Setup Assistant find one SB, but not the other SB?  I've done a variety of troubleshooting includes another round of factory reset on the Pro HD.  No luck.


      Any ideas??  Thanks.