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    How to hide controls in the player


      Using a slingbox HD pro – remote viewing, ver, Win 7 Pro


      Is there any way to have the controls auto hide when using the PC viewer?


      The browser version (plug in) does auto hide controls and this certainly a sensible and good behaviour.


      So, full screen mode works fine from browser with a nice auto hide of controls, remote etc.


      However, in the client player, the remote, TV guide etc. does not auto hide, and worse the menu bar top left, and the slider/buffer bar bottom does not hide either.


      Some option some where I am missing? I am shaking my head here as to why the client version does not auto hide controls here, and in fact does not seem to be able to naturally hide the controls like the browser plug in does. We talking about the same computer here, so I cannot seem to figure out what or for reason the player cannot hide the controls etc?


      Albert K.

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          Hi, AlbertKallal


          I understand that you want to know how to hide the controls on the SlingPlayer software version


          You only need to launch the application and go to full screen. Then, move the mouse pointer to the center of the screen. This simple step should help you. Try it out and let us know how it works for you.