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    "Your slingbox can't be located"


      I just got my slingbox. All the wiring is correct. I'm on a PC Vista 32Bit. No 3rd party firewall, and I disabled windows firewall. It still can't connect. I tried connecting through my sister's MacBook and I got the same message. I'm using a linksys E3000 router. PLEASE HELP.

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          I have found that the most reliable way to get your Slingbox connected to your network is to manually assign a static IP address to your Slingbox.   For your brand of router, the user guide that I found on the web gives this instruction, after you log in to your router through a web browser window (you will find the Mac address for your Slingbox printed on the box, or on a label on its bottom (Slingbox recommends using the static IP address  Then, after assigning the static IP address to your Slingbox, forward port 5001 to this static IP address (see page 34 of your user guide for instructions for "single port forwarding').   Power cycle your Slingbox and your router, and you should be able to connect to the slingbox with the SlingPlayer software after everything boots back up:


          DHCP Reservation


          Click this button if you want to

          assign a fixed local IP address to a specific device on your

          network. This is helpful if you have a device you need to

          access at the same address all the time such as a media

          server or print server. You can reserve the IP address for

          the specific device by selecting it from the list of devices

          or by manually entering the MAC address of the device.

          DHCP Reservation

          You will see a list of DHCP clients with the following

          information: Client Name, Interface, IP Address, and

          MAC Address.

          DHCP Reservation

          Select Clients from DHCP Table Click the Select

          check box to reserve a client’s IP address. Then click

          Add Clients.


          Enter a Client Name and click Save




          Manually Add Client To manually assign an IP

          address, enter the client’s name in the

          Enter Client



          field. Enter the IP address you want it to have

          in the

          Assign IP Address field. Enter its MAC address in


          To This MAC Address field. Then click Add and click

          Save Settings





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              Awesome. Thanks a lot. Surprisingly enough, the power cycle played an enormous role.  Great advice.

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                  chakkarinen Apprentice

                  Glad that it is working now for you.   Yeah, I think the power cycling is necessary to clear the "old" settings out of the router and/or Slingbox and get them to "shake hands" nicely and be friends again.


                  And, should you ever change your router or your modem, you may well have to do the static IP assignment and port forwarding all over again for future reliable operation.

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                  I wish they would pin your response somewhere because it took me an hour to find it. Thanks for posting — this is a simple that works perfectly. When Sling's plugin fails to detect a box, instead of offering no help at all it should link to a support page with your instructions...

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                    I just switched from a Linksys WRT54G wireless router to a Motorola SURFboard SBG6580, and am having trouble getting my Slingbox Pro to communicate with the new router. I have tried viewing through both the Slingplayer as well as the Watch option on Slingbox.com, but neither works. It appears that my MacBook can 'see' the slingbox on the network- it is able to locate it- but when I open the Slingplayer or logon to Watch, I get an error message saying that there is a communication problem. I have tried rebooting the slingbox, the router, and my computer, but that hasn't solved the problem. Everything was working fine before switching routers, and I have not messed with any wiring/slingbox settings. Any advice/insight into solving this problem would be appreciated. Thanks.

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                        chakkarinen Apprentice

                        Different routers use different "home addresses".   For example, some come online as, others as,  others as, ....


                        If your new router has a different default home address than your old router, then your SB will not connect, because it will be registered with a "third digit" that matchs the old router.   PC and Macs are cool with the change in router address, unless you had assigned a static IP address to them (which is rarely done by folks these days).


                        So, I think you have two choices:


                        (1) do a "hard reset" of your SB and set it up again from scratch, following the instructions at http://setup.slingbox.com; or


                        (2) login to your new router and set its home address to the one that had been used in your old router -- there's no harm in doing this.   Then, after you reboot everything, you should be able to see your SB (still with its address assigned by the old router) in the list of addresses linked to your new router (which would now be using the same home address as the old router).