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    Pro HD slingbox lost power, now canr be seen


      Hello, i have 4 HD slingboxes in my house for my family


      We have had a very strange issue today, first off we moved one of the HD slingboxes, unplugged the power for just about 2 minutes and plugged it back in at the new location in our house, Everything was fine But when it powered back up everything looked fine (lights all on) but it could not be seen on the network at all, So it couldt be connected too at all


      We double and triple checked everything, everything was fine, except it could no longer be seen by our router


      So what we did then was to move the power adaptor, from one of the other working sligboxes to see if it was a adaptor issue

      as i have heard these go bad sometimes


      Well it didnt work, but the strange this was when we moved the power adaptor back to the other slingbox it now had the same problem as the first

      Eveything booted up fine, all light on and connection to router is fine as the port lights up, But now this second cannot be seen as well


      Very starnge


      Well I knew I shoud do it But just as a test I unplegged the Third HD slingbox, and quickly plugged it back in, and Guess what.. The third booted up fine but it also can now Not be seen on the network


      So now 3 look fine, lights all lit up, connection to the router is Fine, but none of the 3 can be seen at all on the network

      I am now down 3 HD slingboxes, thers no way I will unplug the forth


      It seems to me that the latest Firmware update must be the cause, after the firmware downloads all is fine, But if the slkingbox loses power then something goes wrong when it boost back up and it "dissapears"


      Anybody else have this issue ???



      Will try to call sling support tomorrowm hopefully the have a fix in the works

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          Hello abbdabbdoo!


          As per the announcement on the front page of Answers, we're aware of the issue that some PRO-HD's have had after the June 11th firmware update.

          To fix this, we've transmitted a different software version to all Slingbox PRO-HD models. This version of the Slingbox PRO-HD internal software has been thoroughly tested and it offers improved performance. Looks like it's fixed most of you that have posted, but for those still having issues, read on...


          For affected PRO-HD units, to complete this software installation, please:


          1. Reset your Slingbox PRO-HD by briefly pressing the Reset button (on the Slingbox PRO-HD back panel).
          2. Allow 10 minutes for the software to install. Please do not interrupt the process! At times, the indicator lights may flash, while at other times there may be no apparent activity.
          3. After waiting 10 minutes, confirm that the Power and the Network lights glow steadily once again.
          4. Try connecting to your Slingbox as specified below.


          Using your computer or mobile device, check to see:


          • That your Slingbox PRO-HD appears in the Slingbox Directory;
          • That you are able to connect to your Slingbox PRO-HD and stream TV as normal.




          If, after trying the above, your PRO-HD still doesn't appear in your Slingbox Directory, or shows no network light on the front of the box (see attached graphic), just call us at (877) 467-5464 and mention the failed firmware update.There is no charge for support on this specific issue!



          The Sling Support Team