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    Issues with iPad App - (Buffering & Skipping Bug)


      Hi All,



      Im hopinng someone from SlingMedia can take a look at this issue.


      I just received my SlingBox Solo a day ago. I have it all setup and working. But I'am experincing issues with the iPad app,

      where it keep on buffering or skips wth the black screen every 20-30 seconds when im watching it from my wireless (home netwok).

      I can gurantee there arent any issues with my home network as I can watch my cable using SlingPlayer for Mac or the WebPlayer

      with out any issues. Also I have the iPhone app installed on my iPhone 4 and that also works flawlessly on my wireless network.

      That proves this isnt an issue with my home network. I have also tried the follwoing to resolve the issue.



      1. Re-configured SlingBox Pro several times.


      2. Re-installed SlingPlayer app for iPad


      3. Check the home network.



      As a further test, I installed iPhone SlingPlayer app on my iPad. And as I thought that works flawlessly on my iPad. Which leads

      me to beleive there is a bug with iPad app. Can this be looked at asap as I have paid $60 for both these apps and one isn't working.


      I hope to hear back from someone with instructions on how to fix this issue as I can see lot of users on this forums compalinging

      about the same problem.





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          Can someone from SlingMedia please reply.


          This is the only place for us Austrlians to get any support on the slingbox.


          When I called slingbox distributor here in Asutralia they have told me that they no longer provide support for SlingBox,


          and I have to come here.

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            I have the exact same problem as well.  And it actually just started happening recently.  I've checked everything just as you have, and it's definitely the Slingplayer app for iPad.  Guys, please look into this.  I've purchased a Slingbox HD as well as the iPad app and now can't watch my shows anymore on my iPad because after a few minutes of smooth sailing the buffering and black screens kick in.  Watching over wifi on my laptop is seamless.

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              Any answers to this?

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                Matt.Sling Apprentice

                Hi Kay,

                The iPad app has much higher streaming requirements than the iPhone app, since it has much higher streaming resolution, which is one possible reason why the iPhone app works fine.


                I have a couple questions to help narrow down the issue...

                How many dots does you see in the lower left corner? If you are getting two dots, you are streaming via relay, and the Slingbox isn't set properly for port forwarding. Switch to Standard Quality, then tap the Aspect button. Check the streaming rate in the lower left hand corner. For better quality you will need to have a bitrate consistently higher than than 600Kbps. You can also try streaming from a different LAN to see if that helps.


                If that doesn't help, can you advise of your router model and firmware version.




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                    ok, when i am in high quality i have three dots.

                    when i switch to sq the app is telling me that i get data between 800 and 1300 kbps.


                    but still, i can reproduce the phenomenon any time.

                    im sure that there is nothing else running on the network.

                    i have another application that streams video from a NAS to my ipad.

                    this is working perfect at any time.


                    i have a fritzbox 3270 as my internet router an i have an apple airport express as my wifi accesspoint, attached to the router.

                    if i use the mac os client (on wifi) all is well, its only on the ipad that i have these issues.


                    i realy hope you can help.






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                    I have the same issue and this is what I figured out.


                    The Solo is attached to a Linksys wireless gamming box (WGA600n) which attaches wireless to a Netgear router (WGR614v4).


                    The Solo can upload just fine and any computer that is attached via wire to the router works great.


                    Anything that attaches wireless, computer or iPad, skips and jumps. The iPad works fine on 3G in SQ and on the office network in SQ and HQ. That network is 10mb, much faster than the Netgear at home.


                    What I believe is happing at home,and the fact that any computer attached via wire works fine supports this, is that the Netgear router can't handle wireless both the Solo and the iPad or computer. The network guys at the office believe the same thing.


                    Have you tried the iPad on another network?

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                      I have this issue too, on anything above sq.  lame