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    Slingbox freezes with 2 Wire


      I just switched to ATT Uverse and now am using a 2Wire modem.  Watching TV constantly freezes.  I didn't have this problem before with Comcast and my Linkys modem.  Any suggestions on how to alleviate this problem??

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Image freezing suggests to me that your (new) internet service may not have enough bandwidth for the Slingbox to upload the signal adequately.  If possible, put a computer on the same router network that your Slingbox is connected to -- either wireless or Ethernet would be OK.   Then test the download and upload speeds for your 2 wire ISP at one of the many sites that offer free bandwidth testing.  I typically use www.bandwidthplace.com     or www.speakeasy.net/speedtest



          To stream standard definition TV, you likely need at least 2 mbps UPLOAD speeds.   For high definition TV streaming, you need at least 5 mbps UPLOAD speeds.   If your speeds are less that these, I would first contact your ISP to have them check for problems in your service line.