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    Choppy video picture


      I watch tv with the slingpayer and through the website, but on both of them the video is really choppy. The sound is perfect but not the picture. I have reset the options like the pop up said to and its still not fixed. I don't live in the same house as the slingbox, but I know that everything there is hooked up properly. Does anyone have a suggestion to how I can fix it?

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          Having exactly the same issue -- The first day I hooked it up it worked flawlessly for a period of about a week. Now it's terrible -- can't see what has changed. I have a super connection here as well --

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            I had the exact same problem: worked flawlessly on local and remote WiFi as well as over 3G after setting up port forwarding on my router, but after a day picture became choppy despite audio streaming uninterrupted. I was able to resolve the video streaming issues by simply resetting the Slingbox. I unplugged the power to the Slingbox (HD Pro in my instance), waited about 20 seconds, and then plugged it back in. After the Slingbox finished booting back up and both lights on the front of the box were a solid red I tried viewing and it worked fine.


            Hope this helps and go Red Sox!