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    Slingbox solo error after power outage


      Hey Guys,


      Everything worked fine for month.


      I had a sudden drop of power, throughout my house. when the power came back, I couldn't connect to my Slingbox Solo.

      I get this error:

      Error: 0x92370001

      Contect: 20

      Operation: 110


      Any ideas what should I do?



        • Re: Slingbox solo error after power outage
          callanish Apprentice

          Some recommend

          - logging out of your Slingbox account

          - Unplug the Slingbox, let it sit for about 5 minutes

          Plug it back in, login and re-connect


          Failing that, you might have to do a hard reset of the box and go through the setup process again, because it sounds like you've lost your internet viewing settings.