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    New Slingbox Solo bought from Newegg 5 days ago


      Finally went to retire my original Slingbox pro which was getting a little long in the teeth, so went with a solo since all I hook up to it is my HD cablebox/DVR from Fios.


      I can stream over the internet to my cellphone fine with audio and video over 3g with no apparent issues


      I can also stream to my xoom over my local network wirelessley also without issue


      If I try to use the windows client or the browser clients for either IE or Firefox It streams video, but no audio at all and then after 10-60 seconds it freezes even streaming the video. I can close the windo without issue but it just will not resume streaming at all.My pc and my Slingbox are directly cabled into the westell modem/router from Fios .