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    Classic immediate disconnect



      I have set up my classic and it works on my local internet. I have set the port forwarding and it appears to be correct. However as soon as I connect I get a message connected then starting stream then immediately a disconnect.  Any suggestions on how I might debug this?




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          Sorry this is not a solution, I too have this problem.  I checked my connections on network where the slingbox classic resides and it works fine.  The remote viewing test passed too.    3 hours later at a remote site that has connected successfully in the past year, the program dissappears from my screen immediately upon getting the connected message.   Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times with no effect.  Even copied the dll files from the host computer to the remote with no effect.

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              hello heres the problem for for sling solo the red light around the the sling solo need to stay on and i have comcast for internet it work fine the three little light in the from dosent mean you good to go  sound like to me all light need to be steady if the red light around the sling box not coming the picture will be freeze and i have dishnetworkto get a good connection by recycle modem router all light need to be specially the light across the sling solor

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              I resolved the problem.  I did the following but I have NO IDEA what made it work or if any of the steps are effective.  I am at the remote location and my box is at home.

              1. uninstall the entire Slingplayer
              2. downloaded the Slingplayer V2.?? from CNET.  Installed it and did NOT select the updated version available box
              3. Tried to connect to my slingbox using my finder ID which is saved elsewhere for repeated use.  This did not work in connecting to the box
              4. uninstalled the Slingplayer 2.??
              5. reinstalled the original version on the disk that came with the box, did NOT select the updated version option (which does not work anyway as it takes you to an expired page)
              6. added and named my slingbox via the finder id again
              7. instead of watching, I went to the edit preferences page and then to the information tab
              8. on the information tab it connects to my box (at the home location) and displays the mac address etc
              9. The information shows a Sling Server Port.   I opened a Run CMD box and successfully pinged that ip address
              10. I closed that box and reopened the player.  Selected WATCH and it worked. 


              Good luck.

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                  hello the problem is not about port i dont even use any port you need ggod connection the red light around the solo need to be steady if not it will not work only one red light in front need to be flashing if you can get the red light around hte solo you good to go good luck every mine is working fine 

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                      hey if you have a device on your network or on your router keep failing connection you sling box also might disconnect you need all devices need to be connecting well every time you reset any devices on your network you might loose connection all you have to do keep all device secure and connected  

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                    Hi, brewsterw


                    The following links will provide you with some steps to follow, since your Slingbox Classic drops the connection.


                    What to do if your Slingbox connection drops
                    The Network light on my Slingbox is blinking


                    Make sure to follow these indications and let us know how it works for you.