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    Slingplayer connects on any WIFI but NO on MIFI

    tjbinno Newbie

      I have a new Virgin Brandband2go MIFI.  It's set up and connects fine.  I can run any browser or app from either iPad or iPod Touch but as soon as I run Slingplayer mobile it goes...connecting...then starting .... and after a long time it gives error lost connection to Slingbox.


      I can immediately switch to another WIFI connection on either the iPad or Touch, run Slingplayer and it connects just fine.  Switch back to MIFI and get the same thing....connecting....starting  and lost connection.


      What do I need to do to get a connection on my Virgin MIFI....everyother app/browser works and connects just fine thru MIFI.

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          I am having the same problem.

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            I also have this issue with a Verizon MiFi Jetpack 4620LE.  I am unable to connect to my PRO-HD via the web-based player on watch.slingbox.com.  Everything works fine on wifi or a Pantech UML290 (also on the Verizon LTE network, which is puzzling).  The iPhone SlingPlayer also works fine, even through the MiFi, which is also puzzling.  I've changed every possible setting in the 4620LE bios.  I called Verizon, and they said that it had to be a slingbox issue, which I know isn't the case since I can connect on EVERY possible means EXCEPT the MiFi.  I can also connect through my work VPN network even over MiFi, which means to me that Verizon must have restricted communication with slingbox.com somehow, but the Verizon people won't admit to this.


            My next step is to try to enable a VPN connection through my home router, and connect to that through the MiFi to tunnel past a possible Verizon restriction.


            Anyone else have this problem?  Of course slingbox support won't help since my device is out of warranty, and I would rather not pay for a support plan just to have them tell me that Verizon's restriction is the issue.

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                Of course I never got a response from Slingbox, so I found a way to solve this myself.  Apparently, Verizon (and I assume others) route all traffic through a single IP address, so that services like Slingbox or LogMeIn can't communicate with the user through the MiFi internet connection.  To solve this, I had to subscribe to a VPN service that routes my internet traffic through one of a number of servers and therefore gives me a specific IP address that the Slingbox can connect to.  This also allows me to use the Slingbox on my work network during breaks without getting yelled at by IT.  I went with WiTopia for $49 per year.  I think the connection is actually faster somehow than it was just using the MiFi by itself.  I also considered HideMyAss! but WiTopia had been around longer so I chose them.  Problem solved.  Hope this helps someone else.