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    some help on remote viewing connection problems


      Hi, I wonder if someone can give me some help.


      I suffer from severe picture breakup/blocking and slow down when being away from home in some locations.

      It seems worse the further away from home I am, so I'm thinking it's because of latency.

      I have an upload speed of about 1Mb at home.


      When using the Slingbox desktop software, if I go to Help - About xxxxxx slingbox - Information tab.  Under the WAN section there is 'Sling server IP'

      - is this the IP of my Slingbox on the WAN?

      - is this the address I should Ping to check latency? - When I do it's about 250msec.

      - What does the 'MSG server' IP in this section refer to?



      Many thanks.