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    Unable to Connect, Audio wont pass-thru to TV & Cannot Reset


      I had been using my Slingbox SOLO for a few months and there hadnt been any problems.  The box was kept always on and I had been connecting to it on a daily basis.


      I started getting errors about unable to connect to the box a few days ago.  I had done some checking and the current condition is as follows:Pla


      1. The Sling Media software on PC was unable to connect to the box.  Setup Assistant says it is unable to find the box at all.


      2. On the TV, the Slingbox passes thru video but not audio to the TV from the source top box when power is plugged in to the Slingbox.


      3. On the Slingbox, the power light is on but the network light seems off.  Pressing and holding the reset switch on the back for 5 seconds does not seem to reset the Slingbox as the lights on the front did not flash - there was no respond.


      4. On the router where the Slingbox is hooked up to, the LAN connection indicator on the router does not light up when the Slingbox was connected.  Tested the cable with a different network devicve and the LAN connection indicator light up correctly.   Other devices connected to the router are getting onto the internet without problems.


      With consideration to the above, I reckon that my Slingbox is dead - if the reset button doesnt even work, there is little else I can try.


      I am currently using my Slingbox in Hong Kong but it was purchased overseas.   I would like to know where may I send it to for repairs.


      Thank you.