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    Another P-15 error

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      EDIT: I was able to kill the process on the Mac and restart it and after a few minutes it started fine. I stand by my "what a crock" comment.




      A total crock. The slingbox works some days. Others all I can  get is a P-15 error. And that's on my home network. There is nothing wrong iwth the internet connection. There is no change in virus or firewall.


      Is there any other way to access the slingbox on my Mac except with this "new and improved" app? The older one worked perfectly every time.


      Or does anyone have a replacement for the slingbox they can recommend?


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          Same exact problem.  I have 2 slingboxes and BOTH are unreliable.  If you are thinking about buying this product, DON'T.  And I don't say this lightly.  I've been a Slingbox customer for many years.  I've had issues over the years, but the current state of their system is that it is UNUSABLE.