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    Please provide audio-only option again!


      Sling - PLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE give us the old modes on Android for slide-show and audio-only!


      My old dog Windows Mobile 6.1 HTC Touch Pro 2 phone had the original Slingplayer with options for full video, "slide-show", and audio-only modes.  This was GREAT!  If I am on wifi or 4G (HTC EVO) video mode works great.  But...when I fall back to 3G video crashes (data or latency too slow) or chops every 10 seconds while the spooler catches up...basically not usable.


      With the old audio-only mode, perfect.  Slide-show was also very good.  I measured data rates over and over and found the video mode usually ran at about 500 kbs, slide show about 125 kbs, and audio-only about 50 kbs on good connections.  Latency above 300 ms on any system creates problems on video but slide-show and audio-only STILL WORK VERY GOOD!  Now...add up 1 hour of sling per day and you see the data numbers acceptable on audio (0.55 GB/mo), slide-show (1.3 GB/mo), but it BURNS UP my data plan for video (@5.4 GB/mo)!  I am SURE I am not the only person in this situation!


      This old audio-only mode was also great option since 90% of my Sling was listening only placing the phone on the table or in my pocket holster. Oh by the way...in audio mode, the screen would black out SAVING THE BATTERY FOLKS!  Think about this please!  The crappy phone batteries are DEAD in hours but this would be a GREAT marketing tool for you to promote!  Finally, if your phone falls into a 2G mode, the audio-only modes STILL WORKS!


      Come on guys....PLEASE give us the old audio-only and slide-show modes back!  I dont see what is so hard to do this...you USED to have it!  I see absolutely ZERO down side to these options.