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    Slingbox Security


      I've had my Slingbox for a year now with no issues. Now though, I'm constantly losing my connection and get a message that says my Slingbox is currently being viewed by another user then it asks if I want to disconnect that user.  How is it someone else can take over viewing my Slingbox?  Is there some sort of security step I can take to prevent this?

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          It's more likely that you are having issues with either upload at the slingbox hosting location or download from the remote computer or cell device your using to view. Sometimes when the connection gets interupted due to lack of stability or to low of connection speed, the viewer although disconnected from viewing is still left logged into to the slingbox itself (which may take a few secs to mins to automatically receover and log out).


          If you disonnect i the manner above and then try to reconnect right away your probably receiving that message which is fairly normal given the sudden method os disconnection.


          I'd look to actually root cause of your disconnection to the the problem you need to address/resolve; not so much the message......