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    Desktop Slingplayer just flat out doesn't work


      I am trying to use the Slingplayer on a Surface Pro 4 that has the latest update (Creator's Update) and it just flat out does not work; both the Windows App and Webplayer.  Both apps open and will connect, but they play for about 3 seconds, freeze and eventually time out and give me some BS about a connection error.  I am trying this at home on the same network my M2 is connected to.  My Android and iOS devices work just.  I bought an M2 to use specifically on my Surface Pro 4.  What a disappointment.  Why are PC's users beaten like red headed stepchildren these days?  Isn't Sling owned by Dish?  I swear it's a cable/tv company conspiracy.  Windows devices are the only ones that can plug into a tv, negating the need for another cable box.


      Oh, all the ******* ads work just fine though.  So there is that at least.