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    Sling Player App for iPhone CRASHING

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      Hey guys,


      Sling player app is crashing all the time, it opens up and crashes after 2 seconds.


      - Already uninstall it and re-install it like 4 times on my phone.

      - Reset phone like 10 times.

      - Already hard reset sling box.


      This is a mess, this thing is useless if i can't use it on my phone.

      Any inputs are appreciated.




        • Re: Sling Player App for iPhone CRASHING

          Are you new to slingbox? If so, I suggest you try to get your money back immediately because there is no fix. I've had mine for 2 years and mine has functioned this way with constant crashing and continual pausing for 1 ½ years. Their customer service does nothing to resolve the issue either, as they only put out a Slingplayer app update once maybe twice per year and it does virtually nothing to improve functionality. My advice: run! Run to get your money back!