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    Blown out Receiver


      I am using my Solo with a friend's DirectTV  setup.

      He told me today that his receiver was blown out and that it must be my slingbox that caused the problem as he has never had a previous problem with his receiver!

      Is there any possibility that by me using my remote and switching his channels remotely I could burn out his receiver?

      Has anyone hear of this before.

      Also he is questioning whether it is legal for me to watch his channels?


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          dbsguy Apprentice

          1. There is no possibility of the slingbox blowing out the DirecTV receiver. It simply connects to the a/v output of the box just as any other viewing device such as a TV......


          2. He is correct in referance to not being legal to watch his content. It is against both DirecTV's and slingbox's TOS (terms of service) to redistribute the content to anyone other then the person(s) who's account it conncted to.


          Not to say people don't do it; however it's not actually adhearing to something the account holder agreed to when signing up for service. This applies to ALL content providers platforms for distribution of their media.