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    Slingbox Kills WGA54G Adapter


      My WGA54G gaming adapter is connected to my network using a static IP.  I can see it on the network and all is well.  But, when I connect the ethernet cable from my Slingbox Pro to the gaming adapter, the adapter disappears from the network.


      I've tried resetting the Slingbox to factory defaults, and both red lights come on indicating power and a working ethernet connection.


      Any ideas?  Thanks.

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          Hi, steigrafx
          It seems that you are having some issues if you connect the Slingbox PRO using a gaming adapter.


          Most of the times, this issue is related to the connections on the back of the wireless bridge. Make sure to verify that all the cables are properly connected into the right wireless adapter inputs.



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              Thanks, Ranaleon, but that's not the problem.  My Slingbox Pro has been working perfectly for a couple of years.  Only recently I could no longer connect.  None of the connections have changed, but I checked them anyway.


              I'm beginning to think that the Slingbox is dead, but I don't think it's fair that I should have to pay for support.  Maybe I'll replace it with a Vulkano -- my brother has one and I think it's better.