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    Remote Viewing Issues


      Hello All,


      I have had my sling for a few years, upgraded to the HD PRO some time ago and it was working fine until... well I dont really know until because there is not much I have changed.  I assume when I loaded it onto my iPad that the software changes or whatever at the time resulted in it becoming tempermental.  I use the same security suite (bit deffender) and the same router, D-Linkg DGL-4500.  It works fine on my home network, up to 8000kbps.... but even on the same computer the internet based viewing from the sling site will not connect to the box.


      I will see it and know when I am using it on the other computer but it will not connect to it.  When I try it when on the road it gives me an error based on the size of the data stream or something.


      It does work with my iPad when I am on the road but the iPad seems a bit finiky as I dont think it properly supports the streaming of the media, after about 30min I need to reboot the application to have the stream stay reasonable.


      Anyway, any ideas please.  It is quite pointless for me to be able to have this thing but not be able to watch it when I need to.  Frustrating.