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    Can't Configure Slingbox Pro


      I reset my Slingbox Pro.  My wireless gaming router is fine, and is set for a static IP.  Ping time is about 2ms.


      When I run the online setup routine, it says Congratulations, it's found my Slingbox.  The next screen shows my Slingbox directory with My Slingbox.  When I continue to the next step, it says it has a problem connecting to my Slingbox.  I can't get past that point.


      I've reset the Slingbox a few times.  Both red lights are on, so I know it's communicating with the wireless gaming router, particularly since the setup finds my Slingbox.


      Any suggestions?  Thanks.



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          Hi steigrafx,


          What I understand from your post, is that you can't complete the Setup Assistance.


          In this case, if you are using a gamming adapter and besides that a router, as a first step what I would recommend is to try to run the Setup  connecting the Slingbox directly to the router, after that, you can take  it back to the adapter.


          Also, use a hardwired connection from the computer to the router for that specific step and to discard the wireless settings as a potential issue.