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    How to watch uising Firefox 5 and up

    Morac Newbie

      If you install the Firefox 5 beta (or nightly loads) and go to http://watch.slingbox.com you'll be treated to a nice error message saying your browser isn't supported with a knowledge base link that states watching requires Firefox 3 or higher.  Nice huh?


      There's no technically reason that you can't watch other than the fact that Sling is only checking for Firefox versions 3 and 4.  Since 5 and up fail that check, you get an unsupported browser error.


      Fortunately the fix is rather simple.  You could go about changing the userAgent string, but that doesn't seem to be as easy as it should be in Firefox 5 so I found a simple method to get things working.  I've only tested under Windows, but it should work for any OS X as well.


      1. Install the GreaseMonkey addon and restart Firefox.

      2. Click on the attached user script (which removes the Firefox version check) and choose to install it.


      That's all there is to it so Sling away.