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    powerline adaptor.


      I have a powerline adaptor on an unsecured network. When I plug in the ethernet cable to my directv reciever It connects for on demand. When I connect to AppleTV i can access internet content. When I plug the ethernet into slingbox I get a blinking network light and it wont connect. If I plug the slingbox directly into the router it seems to work but over the powerline nothing and its an active internet connection. Please help!!!

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          Hi Kazanski13,


          The communication between the powerlines seems to be causing this issue. You already know that the Slingbox is working properly since you do not have this error with a hardwired connection. I recommend to confirm that the Ethernet cable that you are using is not too long (more than 7ft long). If the issue persists you can try to use this troubleshooting steps for the Slinglinks, they are a Sling Media product but they are powerlines too.


          A guide to basic SlingLink and SlingLink TURBO troubleshooting


          Hope this helps