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    Sling box Pro HD purchase


      Hi ,

      I have two questions regarding Slingbox Pro HD


      1. Can I purchase sling box Pro HD in India  and Install the same in Paris, France.


      2. Since Pro HD doesnot  have HDMI port , How this will support the HD content

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          1.   I believe a slingbox purchased in India will work in Paris, IF the voltage used in both countries are the same AND you provide a means for the AC plugs to work correctly in the wall outlet -- using some sort of adapter, I suppose?


          2.  The people that I have seen in other threads on this forum speak of using component cables -- 3 for the video and 2 for the audio -- to provide streaming capability for HD.   However, the more critical limiting factor would be your Internet bandwidth -- to stream HD reliably, I have read that you need at least 5 megabits per second upload speed at the site where your Slingbox will be installed.   Note, however, that I am not attempting to stream HD with the Slingbox Pro HD that I own -- I got that model for its ability to stream more than one source of video simultaneously.