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    Blue Audio Screen


      When I connect to my slingbox through my computer everything works fine, but when I connect with my iPhone 3GS the audio plays but the screen is just blue and says "Audio." Has anyone else seen this or know what is causing it?



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          Hi, NomisRezleb


          I understand that you are having some issues when running the SlingPlayer Mobile application on your iPhone, since it shows a blue screen.


          This screen is not related to the Slingbox or the SlingPlayer Mobile software, it seems to be related to the TV source instead. We recommend you to verify if the TV source is turned on when running this Mobile application.


          If the Slingbox runs fine on your computer, you will need to check and adjust some settings on your iPhone Mobile device. The following link will allow you to get all the information about the SlingPlayer Mobile application for the iPhone.