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    Myrtle Beach


      We spend our winters at Myrtle Beach. We have Comcast now in NH but we put it on stand-by for the winter. If I were to buy Sling Box could I watch my local channels in MB even though Comcast is on stand-by for the winter

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          Hi, boa892


          It seems that you want to know if the Slingbox will allow you to get the TV signal when at Myrtle Beach for winters.


          The Slingbox will allow you to send the TV signal out to the Internet. You need to hook it up at home (with your cable box or DVR) and your home router. The Slingbox will stream the signal it gets from the attached TV source.


          The following links will provide you with all the information about the Slingbox and how it works.


          General information about the Slingbox