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      My sling box is in UK

      My slingcatcher is in Spain with me


      I have problems with my slingcatcher it part down loads the latest update then stops and shows error 13.


      I can connect to my slingbox with my PC here in Spain


      All my connections are ok from router to Slingcatcher


      help please

        • Re: Gernot

          Hi, gernot


          Since you are having some issues in order to update the SlingCatcher firmware version, we recommend you to check the following link in order to apply some basic troubleshooting steps, specifically, how to reset the SlingCatcher.


          SlingCatcher: Basic Troubleshooting


          If the issue persists, you can run the System Recovery process. First, make sure to establish a hard-wired connection to the router and finally, test the connection from a different network. If none of these options helps you, do not hesitate to contact us.

          Sling Media Contact Information.