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    Trying to locate compatible remote device


      I am using an own brand (from Argos) Freeview digital box, model number STB101XI. Unsuprisingly this not listed under the devces supported in the Slingbox setup, so I am trying to find one that might be.  It is a reasonable bet that this is a branded device from another manufacturer.


      I thought I had cracked this when I noticed that under the model number on the remote was the additional number RO3S X2 (think that is a zero), which I googled.  This is quite a common remote, so I looked for any responses that included a manufacturer device. I have found three from Bush and Alba who seem to use this remote, only one of which was in the Slingbox setup list, but this did not work.


      Can anyone think of a smarter way please?  The Slingbox is being used by my daughter in Japan (I am in the UK) and it works really well - we have tested with known device (LG DVD) at home.


      Many thanks