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    Remote Image No Longer Appears

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      For almost a year we have been using our iPhones and iPads to watch our Slingbox.  Starting a couple of days ago, the image of the remote no longer appears on either?  On the iPad when we hit the remote icon it brings up a row of buttons across the bottom of the screen (FF, Play, Pause, REW, etc.), but none of them work.  The main menu buttons at the very bottom of the screen still work (Live TV, Settings, Gallery, etc.).  Basically, we can watch whatever channel the box is left on, but can't access any of the remote functions.  We can tap the icon that brings up the basic controls (Channel +/-, DVR, Menu, etc.) But none of those buttons work either.


      On my MacBook, everything was working as normal, the remote image appears and functions, just not on the iPad.  After reading some trouble shooting articles, I decided to reconfigure the source.  The problem now is that it won't complete the reconfigure...  It checks the video signal, then say "Lets test the remote", I hit continue and now it just spins endlessly on both the iPad and the iPhone on the screen that says "Loading remote for Explorer 8240HD"....  I'm now installing the Slingbox desktop on my Mac to try to reconfigure again.


      Was there a recent update that is causing an issue on iPads?  Anyone else have this problem?