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    Contour 2 box requires an extra step to select channel

    KKen Newbie
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      Just got an upgrade to a Contour2 box.   With my previous box all I had to do is enter the channel number and press WATCH.

      Now I have to enter the channel, press WATCH, then switch screen from KEYPAD to D-PAD to press the OK button.


      If the OK button could be on the same screen as the KEYPAD it still would be an additional step but easier.

      The best solution would be for the slingplayer on my android phone be smart enough to know

      when I press WATCH to automatically follow through with a OK command.


      I have 2 different Contour2 boxes and both require this extra step.


      I just ordered a M2 and plan to use the app for firetc/stick.   I am wondering if the ENTER with the app

      is going to actually select the channel