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    How to add a Slingbox to the Slingbox Directory using the IP address of my router

    interinmente Newbie

      Hello there, I would like to add to my directory a slingbox with IP address not with the ID. How can I do it? I found this explanation but I cannot see the box for Direct Connection mentioned below.

      I can see only ID, Password and Slingbox name boxes....

      How and what to do? Also it is possible to add the slingbox in question ( with IP address, Password and Port number) directly on the iPhone or/and the ipad?

      Thank you


      To add a Slingbox to your Slingbox Directory using the IP address of your router (or your domain name):

      1. Make sure you've logged into your Sling Account.
        If you see your Sling Account user name (in blue type) in the upper right corner of the SlingPlayer window, you're logged in.
        If you see Log In in blue type, then you're not logged in. Click the blue text to open the login window, then log in to your Sling Account.
      2. Select Slingbox Directory from the Connect menu.
        The Slingbox Directory opens.
      3. Click Add.
        The New Slingbox Entry Properties dialog box opens.
      4. Click to select the box in the Direct Connection section.
      5. Enter the domain name or the IP address of your router, and the port number for the Slingbox you want to add.
      6. Click OK to add this Slingbox to your directory.