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    Error: Connections to your Slingbox from the Internet have been disabled


      Hi All I am having the same problem.


      "Connections to your Slingbox from the Internet have been disabled. Do you want to retry?"


      I have disabled firewall and antivirus software, no change.

      I've unplugged everything and replugged and no change.

      Have hit the reset button and n change.

      Both red lights are on.


      I go to Slingbox Set Up and get the message:


      "Your Slingbox can't be located. Please make sure it is getting power and is connected to the same network as your computer."


      I click in Search Directory and it shows "My Name Slingboax" with the word "Internet" below it in blue.


      I click on my slingbox name and it says "Connections to your Slingbox from the Internet have been disabled."


      I click on supprt



      Slingbox Solo
      Slingbox Status Alerts
      Alert Button


      Internet Viewing Status:
      Alert Button


      Communication status:


      Slingbox Info
      Slingbox Name: My Slingbox
      Slingbox ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      Slingbox Software Version: 2.1.110


      Internet Viewing
      Set Up Complete: Yes
      Slingbox Public IP Address: xx.xx.xxx.xx
      Slingbox Private IP Address: xx.xx.xxx.xx
      Slingbox Port: 5001


      Slingbox Access Info
      Activation Date: 03-30-2011
      Date Last Accessed: 05-19-2011


      The  box was workign perfectly and no one has touched it at the house, then  it mysteriously goes offline on May 19. I'm starting to regret investing  in this hardward.