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    Have to reboot Slingbox periodically


      Occasionally, we get an error message in the SlingPlayer SW that says it cannot connect to the Slingbox. If we have somebody at the Slingbox location unplug and replug it, it works OK again for a while. But, it will eventually happen again.


      I don't think it is a router problem, per se, as the SB has a static IP address, port forwarding is set correctly, and the Internet is still working at the SB's location. Plus, rebooting the SB fixes the issue, without needing to touch the router.


      This is especially troubling, as the SB is in Japan in a home that is currently unoccupied. And, when the MIL returns from the hospital, will not be able to easily plug/unplug the device for us.


      Has anybody else had this issue, or is any particular FW known for this issue?