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    Explanation why I 'could not connect to slingbox'?




      I'm looking for an explanation as to why I was getting the cannot connect to slingbox error recently when trying to configure the slingbox after I reconfigured some network settings.


      1. I've got a slingbox AV and had it setup on a linksys wireless bridge with airport extreme router and working for months (and years before this with an older router and sling links).

      2. I recently setup some IP reservations on the router as I'm trying to control and keep static my local IP addresses while keeping them as dhcp. This list included the slingbox and the wireless bridge, and all other devices I have (desktop, laptop, ps3, dvd, ipad, & iphone).

      3. Thru the airport utility, I could see the bridge connected to network, but could not see 'thru the bridge' to see the slingbox (not that I could before).

           a. Why is this? Why cannot I see the slingbox?

      4. I could not run the slingbox setup like this as it would not find it. And both lights were solid on slingbox and I had firewall disabled. I also tried the resetting the slingbox too.

      5. Next, I connected the slingbox directly to my router with ethernet cable. I could now see the slingbox on the list of devices connected to my router.

      6. But I still could not run the slingbox setup configuration as it still said it didn't find it (again, resetting, unplugging etc....)

      7. Next, I removed the IP reservation on the slingbox (10:0:1:7) and it was dynamically assigned (10:0:1:10, the next available number and I did view this as connected to the router) and now it was found and I could set it up.

           a. Why did this make the difference? I do not understand why assigning my reserved IP address of 10:0:1:7 does not allow the slingbox to be found in setup, but when it gets assigned the next available number finds it just fine?

      8. Next I setup the port forwarding as instructed in setup using IP 10:0:1:254 and it appears to also be setup for viewing outside my network.

           a. Is 10:0:1:254 fixed for slingbox? It obviously works, but not sure how this is assigned? Especially when it was working when it looked to be connected to 10:0:1:10 when I had the wired connection.

           b. When I reconnect it to the wireless bridge, it still seems to work, but not sure what IP address it is getting assinged. How can I check this now?

           c. Still not sure why I can't reserve a local IP address and have it work?


      If anyone can fill in the blanks for me, I'd appreciate it. I'm a novice when working with hardware and these IP addresses.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Hello ACC48136.


          I see that you had some issues detecting the Slingbox within your network and connecting to it after changing the router and the SlingLinks. It seems that the problem was caused because you set up a Static IP address, without letting the Slingbox to acquire an IP address using the DHCP feature. Once you reset it, the router assigned the IP and you were able to configure it properly.


          The Slingbox will uses DHCP to gather a dynamic IP address, once that's done you should not have any problems assigning a static IP. Regarding the Internet Viewing configuration, by default the Slingbox will try to set the rule using an IP: x.x.x.254, however you can always create the rule on the router using the Slingbox IP that you set (static IP) and then change it on the Setup, or use one of the IP addresses in range.


          Feel free to visit this link for additional information:


          Slingbox Network Setup Assistant


          Port Forward