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    Ipad Iphone streaming Out of Network in HD?


      I currently have a sling-box pro HD. It is connected to a Airport express thats bridging the network from a Time Capsule, and this Time capsule is plugged into Verzion Fios Fiber optics Network which is pretty fast. When I am inside my own home network the video looks great on all three devices and my upload and download speeds far exceed the requirement for the sling-box pro HD. It also exceeds the network speed enviorment for HD outside of my own network on 3g on my ipad and iphone; however, the HD button seems to always be greyed out and I am not getting that HD video I want. I am using a Direct TV box thats a DVR as well. Standard quality looks ok but why did I pay 300 bucks if I cant get HD video on my ipad and iphone.. Any ideas would help