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    Problem watching away from home



      the setup for my Slingbox solo in Israel was successful and I was able to watch it in France.

      since I changed my Internet supplier in FRANCE (now I have Optic fibre) it seems that I can't get any video stream.

      I talked to my family back home and even took over the computer in Israel just to make sure that the settings are in order, and they are.


      things that might help you help me -

      -when I logged in from the computer back home it said "local network (available)" under my Slingbox user. Is this normal? I don't remember if it said "local network" the first time I installed it.

      -From France it reaches a status of "Optimizing" after connecting, without showing any video or sound (it disconnects after a minute or so saying:

      "There was a problem communicating with the Slingbox. try connecting again").

      -As I already said: the problem started once I changes my ADSL to optic fibre with a different Internet carrier.


      Hope you could help me find a solution. this product is amazing and changed my life.


      thanks in advance,