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    Safari 5 for windows


      I have tried useing Safari 5 for windows, and when I log in all I get is a balck screen.  The software fails to initalize, and nothing happens.  According to the web page that details compatible web browsers it lists Explorer and Firefox for Windows systems, and Safari and Firefox for Mac systems.  Does this mean that the only cross platform browser that is supported by slingbox is Firefox?  If so when will there be support for Safari 5 for windows?

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          Hi, michael1357


          It seems that you are having some issues when trying to run the SlingPlayer with Safari 5 web browser in a Windows computer.


          The main issue is that the Safari 5 web browser is not included on the supported browsers list. The following link will provide you with further details.


          Tech Specs for the Slingbox PRO HD


          At this moment, we have no information about support for the Safari 5 browser on Windows.